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> Россия в Transhuman space, Где там про нас?
Nov 15 2009, 17:58



Пролистнул основную книгу, changing times, книгу про Калининград в Кёнигсберге.
Мало информации - что у нас было и когда, политическая, национальная обстановка, наука, силовые блоки - ничего конкретного.
Укажите, если можете страницы/книги либо напишите текстом.
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Nov 15 2009, 21:01



fifth wave
For decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union,
Russia was the "sick man of Europe." The legacy of
the Soviet era was a society riddled with corruption,
a political system fragmented into dozens of
squabbling factions, inefficient industries,
ramshackle technology, a polluted countryside, and a
gaggle of resentful ethnic minorities.
After an initial flirtation with democracy, Russia soon
fell into a cycle of authoritarian rule followed by civil
disorder. From about 2015 to about 2060, the central
Russian government had a great deal of trouble
maintaining control. Regional governments went
their own way, often at the bidding of local military
leaders, ethnic minorities, or organized crime
groups. This period of weakness culminated in the
chaotic civil war of 2057-2063, in which Siberia and
other areas made bids for regional autonomy or
outright independence.
The civil war was traumatic, but it led to a significant
revival of Russian fortunes. By 2063 the conflict had
ended, with the defeat of the secessionists and the rise
of a "Renewal Union" faction. This coalition had the
support of several power centers, including the bulk
of the Russian military and the influential Russian
Orthodox Church. The regime it assembled was not
very democratic, but it was strong enough to bring
the provincial governments into line and begin the
process of rebuilding a unified Russia.
Today's Russia incorporates all of the old Russian
Federation, along with what was once independent
Belarus, but without the old Kaliningrad oblast on
the Baltic Sea. Russia remains an authoritarian state,
but the post-civil-war regime has made great strides.
Modern technology has been applied to bring a
decent standard of living to all Russians, not only the
urban elite. The military has been thoroughly
modernized, and an aggressive space program has
resumed. Corruption and regional factionalism have
been much reduced. Democratic reforms have
allowed the Russian people some voice in their own
government. Many Russians have begun to hope that
the bitter cycle of despotism and anarchy has finally
been broken.
At present, Russia has a Fourth Wave economy and is
continuing to develop at a rapid pace. In fact, Russia
has an unusually long history of applying
biotechnology. St. Petersburg was a biotech
sanctuary early in the century, and even through the
anarchic decades the city remained a major center of
genetic research. The current government has
devoted much effort to making sure the entire
population has access to genetic technology. Genemodified
humans, bioroids and other genetic
constructs are quite common throughout the country.
Russia spent much of the past century bitterly
resentful at its loss of position in world affairs. Once
a superpower whose dictates made the world tremble,
by 2025 Russia had a smaller economy than
Argentina and a military barely able to maintain
order within its national borders. This steep decline
was halted after the civil war, and has decisively
reversed in recent years. Today, Russia is
aggressively pursuing greater world influence. It is a
member of no formal alliance, but it sometimes finds
common interests with the European Union, China,
India, and the Islamic Caliphate. Russian diplomacy
is carefully pragmatic, working with other nations
whenever possible but not afraid to act
independently. Russia is particularly cool toward the
United States and the Pacific Rim Alliance.
See also Kaliningrad.
Nation = Russia
Alliance = -
Population = 108 million
Stability = Good
Power = 4.6
CR = 4
Wealth = Average
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